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Experience a better way to do ERP data.


Access key information all in one screen with interactive reporting and drill down functionality. 

Accounts payable aged analysis for ERP system
Accounts Payable
Aged Analysis
invoice dashboard for ERP system
Job production dashboard for ERP system
Job Production
accounts receivable aged analysis for ERP system
Accounts Receivable
Aged Analysis
inventory valuation dashboard for ERP system
Inventory Valuation
PO dashboard for ERP system
Purchase Order
sales order dashboard for ERP system
Sales Order
Data Management - Importing and Updating

Simplify your workflow with automated data import tools.

MRP data import dashboard for ERP
Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Program

Create purchase orders from imported spreadsheet data.

stock import dashboard for ERP
Stock Import

Import spreadsheet data into inventory master and inventory warehouse records all at once.

Add-On Module

Supplement your systems with powerful, embedded modules.

Picking dashboard for warehouse management ERP

Group warehouse orders your way for optimized picking.

Integrates with MepScans to give users access to pick info on handheld and process picks.

Simplified Data Entry

Automate tedious, multistep tasks into one simple click.

AR reverse payment dashboard for ERP
Accounts Receivable Reverse Payment

Reverse payments without any additional lookups. 

create job dashboard for ERP
Job Create

Create, manage, and adjust material requirements from a single interface.

PO inspection dashboard for ERP
Purchase Order Inspection

Track incoming inventory data using serials, MTR's, or lots.

Request for quote dashboard for ERP
Request for Quote

Manage quote requests by sales order or job.

GRN reversal dashboard for ERP

Goods Received
Note Reversal

Reverse GRNs, fast.

PO approval dashboard for ERP
Purchase Order Approval

Approve purchase orders via unique web links.

auto-generated purchase order dashboard for ERP
Purchase Order Ordering

Get auto-generated purchase orders.

RTV dashboard for ERP
Return to Vendor

Manage RTV with shipping capabilities.

reverse inventory dashboard for ERP.
Unit Disassemble

Reverse inventory for redundant or accidental units.


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