Mep Scan Examples 

Example 1: Shipping Serialized products: 

  • Normal process flow > Scan Order > Scan Item > Scan Serial > Post To Syspro 

  • Mep Scan Process flow designed for customer > Scan Order > Scan Serial > (Auto Find Item) > Post To Syspro 

While this example seems simple, it is meant to show how a simple requirement can stump other scanning systems. 


Example 2: Shipping: Only Ship from calculated location list 

Normal scanning systems allow you to tell the user where to get the product (Example: Get it from Bin: A1) 

Or you can tell the user to get it from any of the location 


In our example Here we want to allow the user to pick from any location that has less than a Qty of 5 in it. 

So the user will  

  • scan the order  

  •  Scan the item  

  •  Scan the bin (It can suggest a bin)  

  • This is where we differ once again 

  • When the list is shown > we have our "designed" logic show the user all bins with less than 5. 

    • If there are no bins with less than 5 then we show all bins 

  • Enter Qty  

  • Post to Syspro 

Mep Scan Examples 

The "Out of the box method of Mepscans" will handle all standard syspro transactions.  

These process is normally done by using the online template selection to copy a process. 

Once a generic template has been copied, the mep scan implementation team will work with the customer to make sure it fits their needs. 


An example of this is a customer that sells bicycles 

He will use mepscan to track what is getting shipped. 

The employee in the warehouse can use a typically warehouse scanner or any android device, windows computer or device or Iphone/Ipad (ios) 


Shipping example 

This employee will scan the Order number > Scan the item >  enter the qty > and post that info to syspro. 

  • This process like everything in mepscans can be completely customizable  



Purchase order Receiving Example: 

Scan Purchase Order > Scan Stock Code (Item Number) > Enter Qty > Post to syspro 


Bin Transfer Example (Moving product from one Bin to another bin): 

Select Warehouse > Scan Source Bin > Select a single stock code or select all items > Select new bin > Post to syspro